ICCA provides the dispute resolution community with high quality and up-to-date publications on international commercial arbitration. Search the ICCA Yearbook Commercial Arbitration for landmark court decisions, consult the International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration for the latest developments in national arbitral practice in over 75 countries, or browse the Congress Series for an in-depth look at current and past issues in the field.

All ICCA Publications are available on KluwerArbitration.com.

“Over the past 40 years, the ICCA Yearbook Commercial Arbitration has proven to be the most resourceful publication for arbitral awards and NYC court decisions - definitely bookshelf-worthy for any arbitration practitioner.”
- Albert Jan van den Berg

Keep up to date with the Yearbook’s record of key developments and updates in international arbitration. New decisions are uploaded to KluwerArbitration.com four times per year and a new edition of the Yearbook is released annually.
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“Looking for an overview of the seat of your arbitration? Wondering where best to enforce an arbitral award?
The ICCA Handbook should be your first port of call!”
- Lise Bosman

The Handbook is a must-have for anyone practising arbitration across multiple jurisdictions. Refer to the Handbook for over 75 country reports by leading arbitrators, academics and practitioners on national arbitral practice and relevant national legislation.
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“With the ICCA Congress series, future historians will be able to see how and why the arbitral pendulum invariably swings one way and, eventually, back again. But why wait for them, when we can read it now for ourselves?”
- V. V. Veeder

The ICCA Congress Series includes every paper presented at an ICCA Congress since 1982. Consult the Congress Series for in-depth analyses of past and current issues in international arbitration, courtesy of leaders in the field.
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“The ICCA Reports are the product of ICCA’s task forces - academics and practitioners from around the world who have thought in depth about pressing issues in arbitral practice. If you need a place to start your research on the use of arbitral secretaries, drafting procedural orders, arbitrator issue conflicts or third-party funding, start here.”
- Lisa Bingham

The ICCA Reports provide readers with comprehensive resources on topical matters in international arbitration. The series includes: the Young ICCA Guide on Arbitral Secretaries, the ICCA Drafting Sourcebook for Logistical Matters in Procedural Orders, the ASIL-ICCA Task Force Report on Issue Conflicts in Investor-State Arbitration and the ICCA-Queen Mary Task Force Report on Third-Party Funding.
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“This Guide will serve as an effective tool in advancing the motto I have repeated on many occasions: Vivat, Floreat et Crescat [may it live, grow and flourish] New York Convention 1958.”
- Piet Sanders

ICCA’s Guide to the Interpretation of the 1958 New York Convention covers the essential aspects of the scope, interpretation and application of the Convention, available in more than 20 languages.
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In 1961, a small group of specialists met in Geneva to discuss their shared passion: arbitration. More than 50 years later, the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) has grown into a 1000-member-strong, global organization responsible for the largest regular Congress dedicated to international arbitration as well as leading publications on the subject. ICCA is committed to continuing the mission launched in 1961: to promote, develop and harmonize the practice of international dispute resolution, and to share its work with dispute resolution specialists worldwide.

“Being a member of ICCA means being part of a worldwide community that seeks to improve the way we settle disputes and being among those who shape the future of international arbitration.”

- Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler

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Join ICCA and support the growth and development of international arbitration worldwide. As a member of ICCA, you will be featured in our online membership directory and annually distributed hard-copy membership directory, have the opportunity to contribute to ICCA projects, receive advance notice of ICCA-sponsored events as well as discounts on registration fees (including the biennial ICCA Congress), and enjoy a 10% discount on the ICCA Yearbook, Handbook and Congress Series – all of which are available on KluwerArbitration.com.
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