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Born's International Arbitration Lectures
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A better way to learn international arbitration
  • Comprehensive online course on international arbitration
  • In-depth lectures by Gary Born, the preeminent authority on international commercial and investment arbitration
  • Academic and rigorous
  • Practical applications and advice

Born's International Arbitration Lectures

    Comprehensive, high quality lecture series on international arbitration providing detailed, up-to-date treatment of all legal and practical aspects of international arbitration:

    • International Commercial Arbitration
      • Arbitration Agreements
      • International Arbitral Procedures
      • International Arbitral Awards
    • Investment Arbitration
    • State-to-State Arbitration

    27 Chapters: Foundation Course and Advanced Topics

    • Comprehensive lectures on all basic topics in Foundation Course
    • Viewers may progress to advanced topics on selected subjects
    • Almost 100 hours of lectures (includes Foundation Course and all Advanced Topics)

    Chapters divided into 20-30 minutes lectures

    • 2 to 20 lectures per Chapter
    • Each lecture is a high-quality video presentation with accompanying PowerPoint
    • Each Chapter includes recommended reading list and syllabus
    • Extensive discussion of all leading international arbitration treaties, legislation, judicial decisions and awards


Do you want to develop or improve your knowledge of international arbitration -- in your own time, at your own place, at your own pace?

Do you want to learn international arbitration a better way?

Born's International Arbitration Lectures provide you this opportunity. The series is developed by Wolters Kluwer, the introductory video can be watched here.

Part Title Level
Overview International Arbitration: Law and Practice Basic
Part I Introduction to International Arbitration Basic
Chapter 1 International Arbitration Agreements Basic
Chapter 2 Legal Framework for International Arbitration Agreements Basic
Chapter 3 Presumptive Validity of International Arbitration Agreements Basic
Chapter 4 Separability of International Arbitration Agreements Basic
Chapter 5 Competence-Competence in International Arbitration Basic
Chapter 6 Choice of Law Governing International Arbitration Agreements Basic
Chapter 7 Formation and Validity of International Arbitration Agreements Basic
Chapter 8 Non-Arbitrability Doctrine and International Arbitration Agreements Advanced
Chapter 9 Interpretation of International Arbitration Agreements Basic
Chapter 10 Non-Signatory Issues in International Arbitration Advanced
Part II International Arbitral Procedures Basic
Chapter 11 Legal Framework: International Arbitral Proceedings Basic
Chapter 12 Selection and Importance of Arbitral Seat Basic
Chapter 13 Selection and Removal of Arbitrators Basic
Chapter 14 International Arbitration Procedures Basic
Chapter 15 Evidence-Taking and Disclosure Advanced
Chapter 16 Confidentiality and Transparency Advanced
Chapter 17 Provisional Measures Advanced
Chapter 18 Multi-Party and Multi-Contract Issues Advanced
Chapter 19 Choice of Substantive Law Advanced
Chapter 20 Legal Representatives and Professional Responsibility Advanced
Part III International Arbitral Awards Basic
Chapter 21 Legal Framework: International Arbitral Awards Basic
Chapter 22 International Arbitral Awards: Formal Requirements, Time Limits and Relief Advanced
Chapter 23 Correction, Interpretation and Supplementation of International Arbitral Awards Advanced
Chapter 24 Annulment of International Arbitral Awards Basic
Chapter 25 Recognition and Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards Basic
Chapter 26 Investor-State Arbitration Basic
Chapter 27 State-to-State Arbitration Advanced

Born’s International Arbitration Lectures - FAQ

Are the Born’s International Arbitration Lectures included in a Kluwer Arbitration subscription?

  • No, the Lectures are a separate product, hosted on a different platform called VimeoOtt.

What is the coverage of Born’s International Arbitration Lectures?

  • The Lectures cover International Commercial Arbitration, Investment Arbitration, State-to-State Arbitration – Basic and Advanced level

How many videos are included in the Lectures and how long are they?

  • The Lectures include 238 videos, nearly 100 hours in total.
  • There are 27 chapters, each chapter contains multiple episodes/videos, each video is 20-30 minutes.

What is included in the subscription?

  • Annual subscription provides access to all videos (nearly 100 hours; 238 videos of 20-30 min each).
  • There are 27 chapters, each chapter contains multiple episodes/videos covering a specific topic, each video is 20-30 min.
  • Log-in with email ID and password.

Payment & cancellation policy

  • Subscription price for the Lectures is $ 349 (plus applicable VAT) for 12 months, payment is only possible in US Dollars.
  • Payment is required after 14 days of free trial.
  • Payment can only be done by credit card, a wide range of credit cards is accepted by VimeoOtt.
  • The subscription will automatically be renewed after 12 months. Customers will receive a reminder close to the end date of the subscription with possibility of renewing the subscription for another 12 months.
  • Customers can cancel their subscription at any time on the purchases settings page in VimeoOtt . Access to the content will remain until the next billing cycle period. Upon cancellation, subscribers will have access until their next renewal date - at which point the access will be revoked.

Will I get the certificate or credit points after completing the Lectures?

  • Not at this moment, but we are investigating options to offer this in the future.

Technical questions/issues

“I have spent my career learning and teaching about international arbitration. I developed the Lectures because I believe that their practical and academic content, and their accessibility, will be invaluable to lawyers, law students, professors, government officials and others interested in international commercial and investment arbitration,” said Mr. Born. “I appreciate the support of Wolters Kluwer, and colleagues around the world, who have made the Lectures possible.”

Gary Born

Partner and Chair International Arbitration Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP

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